Sunday Services

We meet every Sunday at 11am for an act of worship which, though relatively formal, may follow any one of a number of patterns and may include: readings, shared readings, prayers and meditations or reflections, an address or sermon, hymns and other music. Immediately after the service we gather for coffee.

For further information, or to make enquiries please contact us.

Forthcoming & Recent Sunday Services

Sunday Service led by MUA District Minister Rev Sue Woolley


Sunday Service led by Rev Mark Hutchinson


Sunday Service led by Kath Forder


“Us And Them – Reflection, Celebration and Challenge,” led by Rev Mark Hutchinson


Minister Mark Hutchinson invites us into reflection , celebration and challenge on a key issue of society and politics – bridging the gap between “us” and “them.”¬† This is how we show we care . And how we work to help others feel able to show they care too.

Sunday Service led by Kath Forder