Sunday Services

We meet every Sunday at 11am for an act of worship which, though relatively formal, may follow any one of a number of patterns and may include: readings, shared readings, prayers and meditations or reflections, an address or sermon, hymns and other music. Immediately after the service we gather for coffee.

For further information, or to make enquiries please contact us.

Forthcoming & Recent Sunday Services

Sunday Service led by Gavin Lloyd from Oxford


Sunday Service led by David Taylor from Stourbridge


Sunday Service led by Sarah Hewitt from the CofE Evesham Deanery


Sunday Service led by MUA District Minister Sue Woolley


“Marking The Days – Part Two” led by Kath Forder

Marking the days’¬†will be the theme of two services to be given on consecutive Sundays, August 26th and September 2nd, 2018.
In these two services, Unitarian Lay Pastor Kath Forder will be looking at life stages and the many rituals – religious and secular – which have evolved to mark our transitions from one stage to the next, and be asking the question – ‘What’s the point?
Though these two services are linked by their theme, they are also stand-alone – if someone misses the first service, they will easily be able to pick up the story..