Friday Light

The Vestry, where the "Friday Light" group meet.

Held in the chapel vestry twice a month at 6.30pm (see our timetable below and on the home page for exact dates), our popular “Friday Light”  is an informal event, less a service and more of an end-of-week epilogue / discussion group, the content and atmosphere of which  varies from session to session. It can include:

  • Guided thoughts – may support reflection or compassionate thinking
  • Readings – can be about any subject and are offered in a sharing spirit
  • Responsive discussion – provides opportunities for engagement with our
    own thoughts and those of others
  • Small rituals and music – enhance a meeting with meaning

Probably the most common format these days is for that week’s speaker to give a presentation on a particular subject dear to them, followed by a discussion.

Our gatherings can have many aspects: they may often be challenging and innovative and at other times offer serenity. Sometimes they might be silent and peaceful. An overall description is that they are joyful and celebratory. Friday Light is different because it is often fun, memorable and is adapted to people’s needs and encompasses all age groups.

We are always on the lookout for more speakers so please contact us if you are interested in taking part.

Forthcoming & Recent Friday Light Services

“Touching the Spirit,” led by Rev Mark Hutchinson


T his is a listening, discussion and meditation group. A typical
programme is as follows. (Timings are approximate!).

Mark lights the chalice with some opening words.

For the first half hour, we listen to each other as we reflect on
words and phrases chosen for the evening. These are presented
one at time in writing for everyone to contemplate. One or more
readings or poems may be used.

Then there are readings, relating to the chosen words or as
directed by the energy of the meeting, allowing for discussion.
A period of silent meditation follows, then words, readings or
poems that reflect the experience of the evening.

Finally, there are some Closing Words, and the chalice is

No Friday Light – it’s our Musyck Anon Concert


Group activity on the subject of Advent/Christmas


Please bring favourite readings/music/poetry if you can.

“Heart and Soul: Everyday Courage”


“Touching the spirit…” led by Rev Mark Hutchinson