Our New Minister – Rev Mark Hutchinson

We are pleased to announce that the Reverend Mark Hutchinson  has accepted the offer to be the Minister to the Cotswold Group of Unitarian Churches.  He will be joining us on 1 October.    Mark is a newly qualified Minister and we look forward to welcoming him at the beginning of his Unitarian ministry.

Mark writes:  “Many faiths talk of pilgrimage, usually embraced as a journey to a place of special significance.  It is of course a spiritual journey.  My pilgrimage into Ministry began in response to a request to attend church by my son, then eight, and attendance at Dean Row.  Training via several years at Chorlton is now guiding my pilgrimage to the Cotswolds.

I view pilgrimage not as a place, but more to a future that I am lucky to now have.  Like all pilgrimages, this is outside my comfort zone, bringing new insights and inviting growth and change, perhaps never before considered.  So with the guidance is acceptance, a little apprehension and the honour of being invited to serve a community.  A group of communities close to the heart of the start of the Unitarian movement, with a range of beliefs that show the power and the mystery of that same movement, and a desire to harness that power and spirit for the good of others.

I look forward to continuing the pilgrimage and serving whoever appears along the way.

May you remain open to the beloved of your heart.”