Let it snow… (!!!)

The snow and subsequent icy weather in December disrupted many scheduled activities across the Cotswold Group of Congregations. One Sunday without a service at Oat Street Chapel is unusual but the absence of one on two successive Sundays is probably a first! Whilst the decision not to have a service on 26th December had been taken in November, the service would have had to be cancelled anyway because of the weather, as was the one in the preceding week. As testament to the exceptionally low temperatures over the Christmas period, both the Vestry and the Gatehouse suffered burst pipes, possibly for the first and, hopefully, only time. Thanks to the hard work of John & Eileen Green and Anne & Barrie Wheeler (and an accommodating plumber and electrician) however, the Service on 2nd January was unaffected, as was the return of the Playhouse Pre-School later in the week.